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Momenta Group, a potential recruiter serving major UK financial services companies, will work with NALP to promote the careers of aspiring paralegals. “We believe this policy is entirely inconsistent with the stated priorities of the current Department of Justice to reduce racial disparities in the criminal justice system and unnecessarily reduce harsh sentences,” Meyer said. “We would be delighted if they acted on their own to end this policy.” Patkowski, who will work in Washington after graduation, joins Londoño Pardo. “I came into law school with the idea that I wanted to conduct civil litigation, particularly in the criminal justice system, but very soon I started to wonder what interests impact litigation serves and what that would mean for that litigation to be truly client-centric. Working on this case has shown me what strategic litigation can look like when it stems from a public defense practice and has strengthened my resolve to find ways to provide client-centric, community-focused impact work, especially in public defenders` offices,” she says. It is not uncommon for a defence lawyer to fight for justice for a client facing imprisonment. What is rarer, however, is the opportunity to fight simultaneously for justice for hundreds of people in a similar situation. For students at Harvard Law School`s Impact Defense Initiative, a new clinic founded by Professor Andrew Manuel Crespo `08, that opportunity arose two years ago when they banded together to challenge federal policies in the District of Columbia that they consider illegal and unjust. A few weeks ago, a few days before graduation, two students from the clinic presented oral arguments in the case in federal district court in Washington, D.C.

“Through tireless work over the past two years, the students have written a series of compelling dissertations that demonstrate their skills as legal thinkers and writers. They worked with organizers, activists and civil rights groups to raise the profile of the issue. they coordinated with the D.C. Attorney General, who presented arguments alongside our clients on behalf of the District of Columbia; And they argued the merits of the case in Federal Court, a week before the closing,” he says. “Many lawyers don`t have this experience in the first decade of their careers. Nick offers clear, commercial, practical and direct advice – no legalese yet in a friendly and friendly way. It will determine the result you want and agree with you in the most practical and easiest way to achieve it. His clients turn to him for help with the strategy and growth of their business, not just when things go wrong. His client appreciates his opinion on the recommended course of action and he is not sitting on the fence. “Our goal in building this clinic in the fall of 2019 was to develop a new advocacy model in which public advocates use creative and nuanced legal arguments to simultaneously fight for the rights of a large group of people,” says Crespo, who was recently appointed Morris Wasserstein Professor of Public Interest Law and is faculty director of the new Institute to End Mass School Incacy. U.S. District Judge Emmet G.

Sullivan praised the HLS team for its reasoning, but did not immediately make a decision. As the team eagerly awaits the word of the court or the Biden administration, they reflect on what the experiences of the past two years have meant for their legal education and post-graduation goals. Lowens, who will work as a public advocate in New York City, says the clinic taught him not only how to learn legal arguments, but also the importance of building relationships with community partners and using thoughtful messages when communicating with the media and decision-makers. “All of these elements together created a very immersive clinical experience that went beyond writing and submitting a briefing, which I originally signed up for,” he says. “I know my legal writing has improved because of [this clinic] — Professor Crespo is a great writer,” adds Hine, who will be based in New York. “The clinic also helped expand my imagination regarding the possibility of strategic litigation in the area of public defence. When we started, we had some ideas and a whiteboard. In two years, we have turned these ideas into arguments that have a good chance of taking possession of the initiative for criminals.

“The immediate practical uses of this case are very important: it has the potential to eliminate this misguided fee policy,” adds Benjamin Eidelson, assistant professor of law, who provided comments on the team`s briefs and helped them prepare for the hearing. “But the case also has broader legal significance. This could reinforce the fact that the government must justify its policy decisions in a reasonable and responsible manner, without resorting to pretexts or false claims that the law has tied its hands. Nick Hine (top left) and his London team join John Hayes (top right), who founded Constantine Law in 2015. They will now be part of Constantine Law, which also specializes in corporate immigration law, and will operate under its growing legal brand, the company said in a statement. Its clients come from different industries and industries, which allows it to bring the knowledge gained in one industry and apply it imaginatively in another. Their synergies include an entrepreneurial approach, the statement said. “Constantine Law has an agile approach to law practice where practitioners work from their own offices, leaving the firm without the fixed costs of many other law firms. Nick has specialized in employment law for over 25 years and founded Hine Legal in 2011 after working at the Top 100 Law Firms. Nick began his career in investment banking and then served as a police officer with the Metropolitan Police for seven years. During this time, he studied law and graduated as a lawyer.

He then moved to the bar and brings this significant and diverse experience to the benefit of his clients. “I think everyone understood that this was something bad for DC. Autonomy because at the time [of its adoption], the city council was trying to rethink its approach to criminal justice and reverse a highly punitive policy,” Meyer explains. “And then this Trump-appointed federal prosecutor came in without local control and took over this relatively one-sided policy — the case just had a lot of troubling ingredients.” Meyer says he came to law school hoping to become a public defender, and his involvement in the case cemented his interest; He is now on his way to the Colorado State Public Defender`s Office. For Londoño Pardo, who will work with the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and the Southern District of New York, the case was an opportunity to work on an issue that has a significant impact on a client and the wider community, and to work with partners outside of HLS. The enlarged cabinet is now a national firm covering London, the Midlands and the North for employment, immigration and regulatory matters. • Comment on this story below. Or let us know what you think by emailing us at [email protected] or tweeting us to share your thoughts or share this story with a friend. The statement said the two companies have “a number of synergies” and believe they will be “stronger together.” According to the HLS team, these statistics speak to the biggest problem facing politics: instead of making DC communities safer, they have instead torn families apart, fueled mass incarceration, and exacerbated already strong racial inequalities in the justice system. “I came to law school thinking maybe I wanted to do strategic litigation, so I enjoyed the opportunity to work in a small group to better understand the problem we could solve and think about our steps to solve the problem while thinking about the impact on clients and the community,” she said. “It showed me how lawyers can change things that are problematic in our communities. I think it shaped me as a lawyer and as a litigator, more than any other experience in law school.

Initially, Crespo and his team, which included HLS students Alexandra Avvocato `20, Nick Hine `21, Laura Londoño Pardo `21, Ethan Lowens `21, Dan Meyer `21, Isabel Patkowski `21 and Nate Sobel `20, attempted to identify a criminal case with far-reaching implications.

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