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There are an average of 15 deaths per year and 1,400 other serious injuries related to quads. ATVs are the leading cause of death on Australian farmland. Level 2, which requires the installation of driver protection devices and minimum stability requirements for new and used general purpose imported ATVs, will become mandatory in one year. More than 150 people have died in quad-related accidents since 2011. More than half of workplace fatalities and one-third of leisure-related deaths are caused by crush or suffocation injuries. The safety of most new or imported ATVs sold in Australia will be greatly improved from October 11 thanks to increased safety features and improved design standards. The safety standard applies to all new and used imported ATVs. This includes all quads of general utility (utility, work or agricultural), sports and youth. Scott Munro, Queensland`s health and safety inspector, has warned farmers they could find themselves in a precarious legal situation if a worker dies driving a machine without rollover protection. At present, the minimum stability requirements do not apply to young, transitional or athletic quads, as there is no research on design changes for these categories.

The quad must be tested using the lateral roll tilt test procedure in Annex 1 of the Consumer Goods Safety Standard (quads) 2019 to obtain the minimum tilt angle displayed on the table. Due to the unique design features of quads, the installation of a roll bar is not possible. You can retrofit an existing bike by installing a CPD, available for less than $800. These devices change the trajectory of the bike when it overturns. However, they are not fail-safe and should only be considered as one of many solutions to minimize the risk of injury and death. Before buying or using a quad bike, first ask yourself the following question: from this date, imported new and used general purpose quads sold in Australia must meet the requirements of the second stage of the mandatory quad safety standard. A quad bike (also known as an off-road vehicle or ATV) is an all-terrain motorized vehicle that rides on four wheels, with a seat that can be spanned by the driver, and handlebars for steering control. All vehicles that conform to this description, including those propelled by an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, are considered quads.

From 11. October It is illegal to sell a new quad bike unless a rollover protection device is installed. QuadWatch – an Australian government initiative that brings together industry, manufacturers, quad users, community organisations and government to raise awareness about quad safety. The website contains links to the results of corona surveys conducted in New South Wales, Queensland and New Zealand to investigate fatal incidents involving quad bikes. In October 2019, the federal government adopted the ACCC`s recommendation to introduce a new mandatory safety standard for ATVs. The aim is to gradually convert the existing fleet of quads to quads that meet safety standards over time. However, the exclusion does not extend to used quad bikes imported into Australia after the safety standard comes into force. The exclusion of imported used ATVs is intended to ensure that suppliers do not import these vehicles in order to circumvent safety standard compliance requirements. “Consumers can now be sure that the quads they buy meet a certain level of quality and safety.” In addition, quads must be equipped with a spark arrestor that complies with the Australian or American standard and meets certain requirements of the American or European safety standards of quads. These include equipment such as brakes, clutch, accelerator, tyres, powertrain, handlebars and foot recess, maximum speeds and the provision of safety information through warning signals and suspension panels. As of October 11, 2020, all new and imported used ATVs must: “There`s no other machine on the farm that does the ATV job,” Hartley said.

The stability value of the hang tag does not indicate the maximum actual incline that the quad can safely use in the field. To protect ATV users, the Australian government has introduced a new safety standard, the Consumer Goods (Quad Bikes) Safety Standard 2019. The standard specifies requirements for new and imported used quads. As of October 11, 2020, ATV providers must comply with the safety standard. In Australia, quads are purchased as work vehicles for use in agriculture and forestry. Quads are also used in the tourism industry. The U.S. standard was developed by an industry association, the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA).

Initially, it was a voluntary industry standard for quads, approved by the American National Standards Institute in 1990. Compliance with the standard became mandatory in the United States in 2006 under federal regulations. The standard has been updated and revised. For the purposes of the Australian security standard, the relevant version is ANSI/SVIA 1–2017.

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